DevSecOps The Speed vs Security Tradeoff?

One of the biggest reasons for adoption of the DevOps practices is speed. The digital age has ushered in a race wherein businesses that fail to deliver fast, tend to falter at the goal post. And technology plays big part in how businesses adapt...

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Agile and DevOps

Agility And Devops

As we talk to multiple clients across the globe, one common discussion thread seems that Devops for one company may not be the same for another company. Further, the definition of DevOps keeps changing for a company as it moves from one maturity level...

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Software Defined Networking: The Future of IT Networking?

Software defined networking (SDN) has seen a lot of attention lately. Networking giants like Cisco and Juniper Networks have been actively scouting for emerging tech around SDN. VMware’s acquisition of Nicira has been a defining moment in the SDN industry.

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Digital Transformation in the Air Transport Industry

The air transport industry, till recently was popular for its legacy systems. Cobbled together pieces with single point failure, exposing risks of system wide outages. Cancellations, delays and stranded passengers had become occasional, if not frequent . Though the outages have somewhat reduced –...

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Container Yard

Containerisation: Benefits and How It Differs From Virtualisation

Organizations all over the world are looking towards digital transformation to streamline infrastructure, increase efficiency and reduce overheads. With the advent of cloud and virtualisation, tradition server side architecture has undergone a huge revamp. Virtualisation is the age old practice of running applications on...

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Separate DevOps team is a bad idea

Many organization beginning their DevOps journey create a separate DevOps team to start thinking about implementing practices to achieve efficiency promised with DevOps. Thinking about DevOps adoption and breaking it into steps which are to be followed, are influenced from the term itself ‘DevOps’,...

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Cloud & DevOps

Cloud and DevOps: What is the relation?

A lot of companies today talk about digital transformation and how embracing it can help them stay ahead of the curve. The term digital transformation, is closely related to two more terms thrown around like nobody’s business – Cloud and DevOps. A lot has...

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Benefits of DevOps

Benefits Of DevOps More Than Just A Technical Advantage

DevOps today is known as a process that helps software driven organizations speed up their delivery timelines. From a niche development process, a decade ago, to a full blown robust practice today, DevOps has been adopted by over 25% of the Global 2000 companies...

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Deployment pipeline

Deployment Pipeline

Anyone who has worked in the software industry will tell you that writing code is just one part of the development process. The code, so written, needs to go through a host of checks and measures before being given a thumb up for deployment....

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