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We are a leading DevOps enablement partner to some of the largest telecom & communications companies and have helped them accelerate their DevOps initiatives with best in class consulting services and solutions by bringing about a cultural change in the way they build and deploy software.

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About Us

About us

Newt Global’s high-impact services include DevOps Transformation, Digital Initiatives, Test Automation and Cloud Enablement.

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What’s in a Logo?

We based our logo and name after Sir Isaac Newton and one of the most famous stories in the scientific community – Newton’s apple and the theory of motion. An innovative and ground-breaking scientist, Sir Isaac Newton’s work and theories are part of the foundation of modern science. In an effort to emulate Sir Isaac Newton, Newt Global strives to always be innovative, inquisitive, and at the forefront of technology.

Newt Global’s apple is in homage to Newton’s apple, and is stylized with horizontal and vertical lines alluding to latitude and longitude, suggesting the international presence Newt Global holds. Newt Global’s official colors are royal blue and gold; the royal blue signifies “regal action,” while the gold emphasizes “strength” and “diversity.

DevOps Transformation

At Newt Global, we see DevOps as a No-touch Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) driven software delivery approach. An approach that believes that a single integrated delivery function from requirements to development to testing and all the way to production will provide higher business value to customers in an efficient manner.

Test Automation

Newt Global has a rich experience of providing end-to-end Test Automation with the right mix of people, process and technologies. It provides through its partners an on-demand infrastructure that enables the testing of web & mobile apps under real-world end-user condition throughout all stages of software development.


Newt Global has a proven record of providing high quality and competent resources in all leading technologies with key focus on telecom & communications. We are a leading Tier 1 partner to some of the Fortune 1000 companies with a significant presence in the US, Canada and India.

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