Newt Database Migration Acceleration Platform for Azure

Newt Global's DMAP Platform

DMAP Platform Overview                                                 

  • Enterprise users have to overcome an expensive & tedious process of migrating databases (homogenous and heterogenous) to the cloud.
  • Newt Global Consulting LLC is now a member of a selective list of Microsoft Consulting Services Suppliers who have their own product (DMAP -Database Migration Acceleration Platform) for accelerating Oracle DB migration to Azure managed PostgreSQL option such as flexible server and Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL (Hyperscale)
  • DMAP is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
  • DMAP is true enterprise grade in the fact that it not only migrates but also has a built in auto validation feature to certify the migration
  • Rapid Assessment in a short duration

    • Get upfront technical feasibility
    • Assess 1,000+ schemas and associated applications using @scale features of DMAP in a short period of time (2-4 weeks)

Microsoft Partner

Faster Time to Market



  • Use DMAP’s innovative features to automate the migration of both APP and DB to an Azure PostgreSQL compatible format, reducing execution effort and time
  • Use @scale features for parallel execution to further reduce elapsed time in migration, trading compute for execution time
  • Use validation features to automatically execute checks and balances on schema, data and migration integrity further reducing the effort of SI services

Reduced One Time Migration Cost

Reduce effort & cost



  • The extent of automation spanning across schema conversion, data migration, schema and data validation results in lower manual efforts thereby reducing migration costs
  • DMAP extends the conversion to cover stored procedures, functions, SQL queries, business logic, and custom schema constructs beyond the standard conversion tools provided by public cloud platforms. This helps in saving significant time and effort needed in database conversion.

Key Features

  • Multiple configuration options for select complex stored procedure/function elements that have varying implications regarding usage.
  • Supports Application SQL Remediation for both static and dynamic queries.
  • @Scale features with docker compatibility for massive scaling and parallelization
  • DMAP Tool is fully compatible with Oracle 10g Onwards.
  • A project plan for Database Migration from on-premises to cloud platform with the breakdown of automation, manual elements.

Business Impact

  • Enterprises can save millions of dollars in recurring Database licensing costs by migrating to PostgreSQL on cloud
  • Database migration efforts can be reduced by upto 50%
  • Cloud-Native databases (PaaS) will make your database management more efficient
  • End to end traceability of all the Database & Application migration steps

E2E Database Migration Steps using DMAP

Database Migration Steps using DMAP