Our Origin and Background

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Born from Innovation, Driven by Expertise:

At Newt Global, our story began in 2004 with a vision: to empower businesses with the freedom and agility of the cloud. Founded by telecom veterans with over 20 years of experience, we understand the challenges of legacy systems and the transformative potential of cloud technology.

Beyond Automation, Your Partner in Transformation:

We’re more than just a product company. Our flagship solution, DMAP, automates the migration of licensed databases and applications to cloud-native PostgreSQL, but that’s just the beginning.

Our world-class professional services team guides you every step of the way, providing:

  • Expert-led design thinking: We go beyond automation to tailor solutions that optimize your unique needs and ensure a smooth, secure transition.
  • Data estate migration mastery: Migrate your entire data landscape with confidence, leveraging our proven methodologies and deep cloud expertise.
  • Seamless refactoring and rearchitecting: Breathe new life into your applications by modernizing them for the cloud and embracing DevOps principles.

Trusted by Customers, Recognized by Industry Leaders:

We’re proud to be recognized for our dedication to customer success. Our solutions have earned high ratings for our ability to migrate to the cloud based on The six Pillars of Cloud Migration, including:

  • Readiness: Ensure your organization is prepared for a successful cloud journey.
  • Economies of Scale: Leverage our expertise to achieve cost-effective migrations.
  • Resilience and Security: Benefit from robust security protocols and built-in redundancy.
  • Expertise: Tap into our extensive cloud and industry knowledge.
  • Outcome: Focus on achieving your business goals with our results-oriented approach.
  • Availability and Scalability: Enjoy the flexibility and scalability the cloud offers for your applications.

Mission & Vision

We Strive

To delight our customers by delivering the most comprehensive and competitive solutions using innovative methodologies with commitment to Integrity, Excellence, and Teamwork.

To be a Customer Centric consulting organization delivering superior business solutions with the best of breed people, knowledge and technology.

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What we do?

Our Key Differentiators

We constantly deliver demonstrated and tangible business benefits to our clients. We have strong subject matter expertise in DevOps Transformation, Cloud migration, Test Automation, Digital Initiatives, and Consulting.

How we do?

Innovation– Our Business Driver

Innovation drives our business and is one of our core values. At the heart of this is our Managed Platform services to automate and manage business applications in the Cloud environment. Our innovative platforms drive efficient and effective processes that provide consistent ROI and continuous improvements.

Our customers can benefit from a unique platform that accelerates DB migration to the public cloud faster and significantly lower efforts. In multi-cloud environments, customers can manage cost, usage, and experience from our platform services.


Creating Higher Business Impact

Leading Telco

Leading Telco

We helped increase sales conversions by 20% and Click through rate by 40%. Implementation on shifting to Opensource based software saved 2Mn per annum annually within 6 months

Leading World Airline

Leading World Airline

Through automation of various infrastructure processes, we created a platform through our DevOps Framework which helped the client in being able to make 4 releases per day from earlier 6 weeks

Big Four Consulting

Big Four Consulting

We were able to automate key aspects of Infrastructure management through which they were able to get a significant productivity benefit and their provisioning time reduced to 1 day from 6 days

Fortune 50 Telco

Fortune 50 Telco

We modernized a legacy application and provided a richer UX experience to Field engineers which resulted in 30% productivity benefit for them. By increasing UX efficiency, we ensured the least possible clicks to complete tasks



We helped the client move from Licensed DB to Opensource Postgres saving millions of dollars, while improving the performance through our robust automation DB automation framework

Leading IT Networking Company

Leading IT Networking Company

We helped increase the velocity of Cloud migration through best practices and automation framework. The client is now able to move 3 application every month to the cloud from the earlier 3 months per application

Our Team

Together We Achieve More