Newt Global has been awarded the MAPR migration project to Azure Cloud from one of the largest “Oil & Gas Drilling” companies!


Irving, Texas, November 2022 – Newt Global, we have been awarded again a database migration Project to Azure by one of the largest global shipping service providers/companies.

The client maintains an in-house platform on which drilling and analytics applications are developed and used internally and by customers. In essence, the platform consists of several interfaces that allow different Oracle server databases to interact.

This project focuses on replacing MapR DB with Azure services (PostgreSQL Hyperscale) and implementing DMS so that data movement, content, security, and high availability can be better controlled.

Newt Global has extensive experience in migrating applications and databases to Azure Platform utilizing various functionalities offered by Azure Cloud, in this specific project Newt Global can handle intricacies of large legacy platforms with high unknowns and put to use Azure services for creating a highly optimized solution. The key differentiators are automation of process thus saving $$$ for clients while reducing business disruption,” said Neeta Goel, President, and CEO of Newt Global.


In the past few years, the company has owned and operated 500+ land drilling rigs and well-servicing rigs. Platform rigs, jack-ups, and barge rigs are their specialty in the United States and abroad. The client operates marine transport and supply vessels, mainly in the U.S. and the Gulf of Mexico. Besides top drives and drilling instrumentation systems, they do oil field hauling, engineering, civil construction, logistics and facilities maintenance, and project management. Oil, gas, and geothermal energy are all major markets the company plays.


Newt Global is a leading Cloud and DevOps implementation company with a presence in multiple locations across USA and India and is headquartered in Irving, TX. We provide strategic consulting and implementation services to leading Consulting, telecom, and airline companies worldwide.

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