DevOps and Cloud

Date : 5th Oct 2017


This is the first meet-up organised by Newt Global. The topic covered a wide spectrum of Kubernetes and Container orchestration. A single container host by itself is like a tree without a forest. That lone host gives you a useful way to abstract your development and production environments from what’s underneath. But on its own, it gives you only a glimpse of its promise.

The big stories in the container world are now all about orchestration. Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos/Marathon and others offer frameworks for managing container hosts in concert.

In this meetup, we’ll look at an high level over of kubernetes and container Orchestration.


Venkatnadhan Thirunalai is DevOps Practice Leader, His area of expertise includes DevOps Practice, Consult Fortune 100 customers on DevOps IT Strategy. Responsible for building the global pre-sales, consulting and delivery team for Newt Global. He has 16+ years of IT industry experience and delivered multiple enterprise scale projects for Fortune 500 customer base.

Program List:

  • 5pm-5.30pm:Networking
  • 5.30pm-6.30pm:Presentation and Q/A session
  • 6.30pm-6.45pm: Closure

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