Shape Your Business with New Application Development & Maintenance

Application Development & Maintenance

Making technology work in an agile fashion and a scalable solution to reap tangible benefits, is the way forward. Adaptive IT systems and a robust Application Development and Maintenance helps organizations to align the IT objectives with the business needs.

A company that wants to stay ahead in today’s dynamic technological environment, treats IT as a game-changer. It is crucial for a business to create new revenue channels, and transform the end-user experience, besides efficiencies gained from IT systems.

Companies with their current setup are not fully prepared to adopt new approaches. The drag from legacy systems to be integrated with next-gen front-end technologies result in sluggishness. So, how does one get started?

To deliver on the above at a faster pace, most companies look to outsource application development and maintenance services. Newt Global can make a big difference with its core competence. The strength lies in combining technical prowess with deep domain knowledge and the experience to implement best practices. It helps deliver significant and measurable value to clients within a shorter time.

With Application Development and Maintenance engagements, clients can quickly respond to changes in the business environment. They show the results that support business expansion and resilience. Such processes go beyond reactive support and help to transform the IT functions into valuable resources. They meet their business objectives, stimulate growth and allow the client to disrupt the market.

Service providers with a deep understanding of the technology drive innovation. ADM, coupled with DevOps, help clients achieve their IT goals.

How this was achieved can be understood from our case study


Madhavan Srinivasan – Managing Director