Rapid Azure Migration with DMAP

DMAP’s @scale features allow you to assess 10,000+ schemas and associated applications in a short period of time, giving you upfront technical feasibility.

Faster Time to Market

DMAP’s innovative features automate the migration of both APP and DB to an Azure PostgreSQL compatible format, reducing execution effort and time. @scale features enable parallel execution to further reduce elapsed time in migration, trading compute for execution time. Validation features automatically execute checks and balances on schema, data, and migration integrity, further reducing the effort of SI services.

Reduced One-Time Migration Cost

DMAP’s automation spanning schema conversion, data migration, and schema and data validation results in lower manual efforts, thereby reducing migration costs.

Case Study: The client

A large financial services company with a complex on-premises infrastructure. They were looking to migrate their workloads to Azure, but they were concerned about the time and cost involved.

used DMAP to assess their workloads and generate a migration plan. DMAP’s @scale features allowed them to assess their entire environment in a short period of time. DMAP’s automation features then allowed them to migrate their workloads to Azure quickly and efficiently.

As a result of using DMAP, The client was able to migrate their workloads to Azure in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional migration methods.


DMAP is a powerful tool that can help you accelerate your migration to Azure. DMAP’s @scale features, automation features, and validation features can help you save time and money on your migration project.

Azure-Centric Features

DMAP is specifically designed for Azure migrations. It supports all Azure database services, including Azure PostgreSQL Flexible server, Azure PGSQL Cosmos DB Hyperscale, and Azure ARC. DMAP also integrates with other Azure services, such as Azure Migrate and Azure Data Factory, to simplify the migration process.

Benefits of Using DMAP for Azure Migration

  • Rapid assessment of workloads
  • Automated migration of apps and databases
  • Parallel execution to reduce migration time.
  • Automatic validation of schema, data, and migration integrity
  • Reduced one-time migration cost.

If you are considering migrating to Azure, DMAP is a valuable tool that can help you save time and money.

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