QA Automation

QA Automation

Largest Telecom Provider

Client needed to automate the testing of Fixed Asset Accounting product (FAS) to enable faster release cycles and focus on product redesign. For several years they tried to build the scripts in-house and through other IT vendors, but achieved less than 50% coverage.

Our Approach:
•The solution implemented had the following characteristics-

Scalable & Extensible
•Modularization approach for better re-usability based on Screens / Business function.
•Test data sets (from different data sources ex: XLS, CSV, DB etc.,)
•Common actions on controls (get, set, verify operation)
•Platform Independent model that allowed seamless execution across platforms such as (Web, Windows, Mainframe, etc.,)
•Support for parallel and remote test execution.
•Support for automatic regression suite selection and executionbased on impacted requirements.
•User friendly interface for non-technical users to generate automation scripts.
•Template based automation scripts ensuring consistency in coding and documentation standards.

•Achieved 98% test coverage – well beyond the SLA target of 70%.
•Reusable framework to accelerate test automation on other products.
•Better focus on future releases.

•No code documentation.
•Building a framework for a dynamically changing environment.