Transforming a Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Organization with DMAP: Migrating Mission-Critical Oracle to Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly adopting cloud-native technologies to modernize their infrastructure, streamline operations, and drive innovation. For a Fortune 500 oil and gas organization, a key challenge was the migration of its mission-critical Oracle databases to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model that offered scalability, cost savings, and the ability to leverage cloud-native features.


The organization faced several challenges in its migration journey:

  • Migrating a Bottleneck: The existing Oracle databases operated at 95% utilization, hindering business growth and scalability.
  • Tight Window: Data migration needed to be completed within a limited maintenance window, as Continuous Data Change (CDC) was not feasible.
  • Holistic Transformation: Associated workloads, including application interfaces, DBMS jobs, and Crystal reports, required remediation for seamless transition.


To overcome these challenges, Newt Global implemented its Database Migration Assessment and Planning (DMAP) tool, a comprehensive solution for database migration. The following steps were taken:

Discovery, Assessment, and Migration: DMAP meticulously scanned the 70TB Oracle databases, enabling a comprehensive assessment and migration plan.

  • Schema Conversion: DMAP efficiently converted the seven Oracle schemas from four databases to PostgreSQL.
  • Data Migration Strategy: A collaborative data migration strategy was defined to transfer 1.8TB of data within the restricted timeframe.
  • Cost Optimization: The solution leveraged Azure’s diverse offerings, with transactional data placed in PostgreSQL Flexible Server, time and event series data in Azure Cosmos DB, and historical data in Azure File Systems (AFS).
  • Automated Validation: DMAP’s validation framework ensured post-migration data and schema integrity.
  • Workload Remediation: DMAP facilitated the meticulous remediation of 18 application interfaces, 26 DBMS jobs, 2 CRON jobs, and 180 Crystal reports to work seamlessly with the migrated platform and application databases.


The successful migration of the Oracle databases to Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server brought significant benefits for the organization:

  • Scalability for Growth: The solution supported a 3x increase in revenue through ESGEnergyCloud.
  • Financial Savings: Retiring Oracle licenses yielded over $1 million annual savings, a 40% reduction.
  • Embracing Cloud-Native Features: PostgreSQL’s built-in scalability, agility, and open-source flexibility empowered further innovation and optimization.


This white paper has demonstrated how Newt Global’s DMAP tool enabled a Fortune 500 oil and gas organization to migrate its mission-critical Oracle databases to a cloud-native PostgreSQL solution on Azure. By combining automation, comprehensive assessment, and workload remediation, DMAP facilitated a smooth transition, unlocked significant cost savings, and paved the way for cloud-driven growth and innovation.

As more organizations embark on digital transformation journeys, solutions like DMAP will become increasingly critical to ensure successful migrations to cloud-native platforms. By leveraging DMAP, businesses can mitigate the risks and challenges associated with migration, unlock the full potential of the cloud, and accelerate innovation.