Transforming a Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Organization with DMAP: Migrating Mission-Critical Oracle to Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server


Nowadays, many businesses are using new digital technologies from the cloud to upgrade their systems, make their work smoother, and come up with new ideas. For a big oil and gas company in the Fortune 500, one of the big problems was moving their important Oracle databases to a different kind of service called Platform as a Service (PaaS). This change would make things more flexible, save money, and let them use new features that come with the cloud.


The company had a few problems they had to deal with:
• The databases they already had were almost full, which made it hard for the business to grow.
• They had a short amount of time to move all the data because they couldn’t keep making changes while moving it.
• They had to fix other things connected to the databases, like other programs and reports, so everything would work smoothly after the move.


To deal with these problems, Newt Global used a tool called Database Migration Assessment and Planning (DMAP). Here’s what they did:
Discovery, Assessment, and Migration: DMAP looked carefully at the big Oracle databases, which were 70 terabytes in total, to make a good plan for moving them.
• Schema Conversion: DMAP changed the way the data was organized in the databases to fit into a different kind of database system called PostgreSQL.
• Data Migration Strategy: They worked together to move 1.8 terabytes of data in the short time they had.
• Cost Optimization: They used different parts of a service called Azure to save money, depending on the type of data.
• Automated Validation: They checked that all the data moved safely and that everything was set up correctly after the move.
• Workload Remediation: They fixed 18 other programs, 26 tasks in the database, 2 scheduled tasks, and 180 reports to work well with the new database.


Moving the Oracle databases to Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server helped the company in these ways:
• Scalability for Growth: They could make three times more money using a new service called ESGEnergyCloud.
• Financial Savings: They saved over $1 million a year by not needing Oracle licenses anymore, which was a 40% reduction.
• Embracing Cloud-Native Features: The new system had features that made it easier to grow and make changes quickly.


This white paper shows how Newt Global’s DMAP tool helped a big oil and gas company move its important Oracle databases to a special kind of database called PostgreSQL on Azure, which is a cloud platform from Microsoft. DMAP made this transition easy by using automation, doing a thorough assessment, and fixing any issues with the workload. This helped the company save a lot of money and made it easier for them to grow and come up with new ideas using the cloud.

As more companies start to use technology to change how they work, tools like DMAP will become very important. They help make sure that moving to cloud platforms goes smoothly. By using DMAP, businesses can deal with the problems and risks that come with moving to the cloud, and they can use the cloud to its fullest potential to come up with new ideas faster.

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