Newt Global’s DMAP is listed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

DMAP -a top of the line Database migration acceleration platform, after an extensive qualification process, is now listed on Azure Marketplace.

Now customers can use DMAP with confidence. DMAP has been designed to create a high level of automation leading to the high cost and time savings in a DB migration exercise to the cloud. There are multiple open-source/free tools available for DB schema migration. DMAP with its exclusive architecture takes DB schema migration to next level. DMAP comes with end-to-end support and hand-holding for the user, making DB migration exercise a guaranteed success and not taking a chance.

With mission-critical systems for enterprise applications, customers are looking for total confidence and peace of mind. And that is exactly what comes with DMAP’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The business case for DB migration from licensed software to opensource migration for enterprise is compelling with PostgreSQL deployable in both cloud-native and managed DB platforms. In each case potential savings are substantial. DMAP makes this journey further easier and comfortable for enterprises by creating a smooth migration path.

Newt Global is a leader in cloud migrations and cloud optimizations. With a large number of enterprise clients and major projects to its credit over 15+ years, Newt Global offers impeccable services at a significant cost advantage.

For Further Information please contact:

Vigneshkumar U

Newt Global Consulting, LLC