Newt Global Unveils Cutting-Edge TFS 2013+ to GitHub Migration Solution

Discover a Seamless Transition to GitHub with Newt Global’s Comprehensive Migration Suite

Irving, Texas, June 2023 – Newt Global Consulting, LLC, an esteemed Cloud and DevOps implementation company, is excited to introduce its latest offering: the Team Foundation Server (TFS 2013+) to GitHub Migration product suite. As Microsoft Corporation discontinues support for TFS 2013, organizations are confronted with the challenge of embracing new technologies and losing out on crucial advantages, including Microsoft’s ongoing support.

With Newt Global’s TFS 2013+ migration product suite, organizations can now effortlessly migrate from TFS 2013+ to GitHub and GitLFS, unlocking the vast potential of GitHub while safeguarding their existing TFS 2013+ investments. The suite includes an automation product, a workflow tier, and professional services, ensuring a seamless and error-free migration process.

Key Benefits of Newt Global’s Migration Solution:

  1. Efficiency and Reliability: Our product suite offers a fast, reliable, and cost-effective approach to migrate from TFS 2013+ to GitHub, including GitHub Enterprise.
  2. Complete Migration Coverage: The suite automates the migration of code repositories with complete history, TFS 2013+ work items with full historical data, user accounts and authorizations (including users who have left the organization), code references in work items, and the movement of large undiffable files to object storages (Jfrog/Nexus/Azure Blob).
  3. Reengineering and Cleanup: Newt Global’s solution streamlines folder hierarchy and branch structure, removing unwanted repositories and ensuring a clutter-free transition.
  4. Validation and Assurance: Automated validation guarantees migration completeness, covering source code, work items, history, custom fields, attachments, and code references.

Newt Global, a trusted Microsoft partner and automation solutions expert, is dedicated to addressing the migration needs of enterprises. The TFS 2013+ migration product suite has been extensively tested and proven effective for large enterprise clients.

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