Newt & Azure migrate a large Telco to Cloud – Newt IP DMAP on Roll

Azure Migrate cloud

Irving, Texas, August 2022 – Newt Global Consulting, is pleased to announce that one of Thailand’s largest telecom companies prestigious end-to-end Azure Migration Project has gone live,

Newt started with the discovery & assessment of a mission-critical application in collaboration with Microsoft Azure. It resulted in Newt Global creating a complete inventory of Application/ Database assets. In addition, Newt Global provided a detailed technical analysis of SQL, application interfaces, current TCO for five years, migration cost and timeline, target TCO for five years, and Application/ Database on Azure.

Newt’s team established the telecom company’s landing zone(s), implemented extensive security policies, built and implemented extensive Azure monitoring, established a tagging policy, and implemented a DevOps toolchain. Cutover to production has been completed and Newt Global is providing ongoing production support.

The business case built by Newt Global demonstrated 50% + savings when migrating to Microsoft Azure and achieved it. This helped the client make a decision to migrate their application to Azure Cloud.

Large enterprise cloud migrations including app migration, DB migration, DevOps implementation, security implementation, production deployment, and post-production support are Newt Global’s forte,” said Neeta Goel, President, and CEO of Newt Global. “We strive to provide targeted & measurable cost reduction (typically exceeding 30%) to our clients in the process of digital transformation.


Since 1990, the client has provided mobile, fixed broadband, and digital services. The client offers mobile services for 30+ years. The client is a market leader with 20+ million subscribers nationwide. The client covers most of the population with 4G/3G/2G networks. Digital service focuses on five key areas: video, game, mobile banking, and cloud. Client subsidiaries provide mobile communications, direct international dialing, international roaming, and other telecommunications services as part of their business operations.


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