Mobile Automation Testing Platform

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Client is a Fortune 50 company and is one of the largest Telecom service providers in the US and offers multiple products and services to consumers and enterprises. Being a major mobile service provider client wanted to develop a Mobile testing framework that is device as well as OS agnostic And is able to perform automated tests on remote devices with test analytics

Key Business / Systems requirements:
“Automated Mobile Testing Framework”
Client was facing challenges in developing mobile testing framework to address different device types and Operating system. They wanted to build an automated mobile testing framework which has below features
•The framework should allow full set of remote operations like
•Change Mobile Device settings, OS settings, unlock / restart the device
•Install and un-install an application on the device
•Control/Simulate external communication interfaces such, Wi-Fi, Network Bandwidth, Bluetooth, Screen cast etc.
•The framework should enable running the automated scripts on different devices (iOS & Android) and able to generate test reports.
•Enhanced test coverage and reduction in the regression test cycles can be accomplished by running these automated scripts on different devices in parallel.

Solution Provided:
NewT Global was able to quickly create the right mobile platform team which included resources with the right skillsets for the task
•NewT Global Team was able to develop the test Automation framework that includes
oPlug and Play Setup – Automatic detection of devices on the pod farm
oRemoting Capabilities – Device Settings, Screen view of the device for tester
oDifferent Types of Object Identification: Native properties, Web properties, Text and Image Recognition
oAutomated Test cases identification, Development and Execution in parallel
oAutomatic Test Reports, Automation metrics and test script maintenance

Design Considerations:


Business Impact:
•Ability to perform functional testing anytime, from anywhere, which means increasing velocity and releasing better mobile apps.
•Enhanced test coverage and reduction in the regression test cycles, increased coverage reduced cost.
•Now the test teams can find defects earlier and avoid costly production problems.
•Cost Savings + Higher turnaround on development of platform features and hence Faster Time to market.

Technology Stack:
•Development: Angular 4, Java, Objective-C, SWIFT, Spring Boot, JSP, JPA, web services, Mongo DB, Android ADB , libimobiledevice, Selenium TestNG
•Build & Deployment: Jenkins
•Source Code Repo: github

Newt Global services utilized:
•Architectural Services, Development, Testing, Enterprise Mobility