Is DevOps limited to Open Source tools?


We have seen many articles about how companies adopt DevOps with tools-chain from multiple vendors. Driven primarily by a plethora of Open Source options for automating SDLC phases, enterprises, the world over has jumped onto DevOps bandwagon with expectations and hopes. The agility of operations requires carefully chosen tools to seamlessly deliver continuous integration and continuous delivery, test automation, and deployment automation. Here, no one shoe fits all and it is both a problem as well as an opportunity.

With a presence in most of the enterprises – small, medium and big and a builder of world-class software products, Microsoft is both a strong proponent as well as a practitioner of DevOps principles. Some of the examples of how to leverage the end to end Azure DevOps pipeline all the way to Cloud migration is explained here.

Azure Pipelines is a fully featured continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) service. It works with your preferred Git provider and can deploy to most major cloud services, which include Azure services. Code commits to Infra as Code can be realized through the set of MSFT tools.


The Azure DevOps can be integrated with Terraform to provision the web app in Azure. The changes made in code in Azure DevOps Repo will trigger the build pipeline which is integrated with Sonar Cloud to inspect the code and a report is generated. From code commit to deployment after automated code scan with zero touches.


The virtual machine created using the Stencils with the properties defined can be provisioned in Azure using the created Visio Add-in – Start Provision. The provisioning happens using Azure Building Block (AZBB).


The user can create a ticket in JIRA or ServiceNow by entering the information required for the provisioning of a virtual machine in AWS/Azure. The VM can be provisioned directly from Service Now or using iCloud. In iCloud, the created ticket in ServiceNow will be populated and the user can provision VM. The logs also can be viewed.


We have seen enterprises that have a significant MSFT incumbency tend to finalize end to end DevOps toolchain using Azure DevOps.

In one of our client location, we have been able to greatly simplify the process of creating infrastructure on the fly and deploy code through a DevOps cycle much faster than the traditional manual workflow. The users have spread across the globe and access a diverse set of applications from multiple data centers and what took them 6 days on an average takes 1/6th of a day now!

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-Balaji Rajendran

Azure Architect