Embracing Open-Source: Database Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL with DMAP

Starting your journey from using Oracle to PostgreSQL is like moving across a big sea of data, heading towards the benefits of using an open-source and powerful database system. Although changing to PostgreSQL can bring many good things, it’s not always easy because there are lots of technical challenges and tricky parts. Moving from one database system to another involves dealing with differences in how data is organized and how the database structures, or “schemas,” are set up. Oracle and PostgreSQL handle these things differently, which can make the switch seem tough and might stop some people from trying. However, Newt Global’s Database Migration Acceleration Platform (DMAP) can help overcome these issues, making the move smoother and letting you enjoy the advantages of an open-source database.

Dealing with Differences in Data and Schemas with DMAP:

One big hurdle in moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL is the difference in how data types are used. Oracle has a flexible data type called NUMBER that PostgreSQL doesn’t directly match. DMAP helps by smartly matching Oracle’s data types with the closest ones in PostgreSQL, making sure your data stays accurate and works well after the move.

Character Set Variations:

Different databases can use different ways to encode characters, which can mess up your data if not handled right. DMAP makes sure character encoding is managed well throughout the move, preventing any issues and ensuring a smooth transfer of data.

Old-style Joins versus Modern Joins:

Oracle supports old and modern ways of linking data from different tables, but PostgreSQL sticks to the modern ANSI standard. DMAP automatically changes Oracle’s way of linking tables to the ANSI standard, making this part of the move easy and without needing you to manually fix things.

Differences in Handling Hierarchical Queries:

Oracle and PostgreSQL have different methods for dealing with hierarchical (or tree-like) data structures. DMAP cleverly changes Oracle’s method to work in PostgreSQL, ensuring that the data’s structure remains intact and works as expected.

Incompatibility of Stored Procedures:

Converting stored procedures (sets of instructions stored in the database) from Oracle’s language to PostgreSQL’s can be tricky. DMAP tackles this by converting stored procedures to work in PostgreSQL, keeping important business logic without needing lots of manual changes.

The Benefits of Using DMAP:

DMAP does more than just fix syntax differences; it also checks to make sure the database works the same way in PostgreSQL as it did in Oracle. This means you can be confident that everything will work as expected after the move, reducing the risk of surprises. By handling the complex parts of changing databases, DMAP not only speeds up the process but also makes sure you can fully use PostgreSQL’s features and open-source benefits.

Choosing DMAP for moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL means making your transition smoother and easier to manage. It’s like having an expert guide through a challenging journey. DMAP turns this tough task into an opportunity for growth and innovation, making the migration more than just a technical step—it’s a move towards a future filled with new possibilities. Using DMAP to go to PostgreSQL means making a smart choice for managing your organization’s data, with the support of a tool designed to handle complex changes with skill and foresight. Here’s to a successful data migration journey with DMAP.

Navigate Your Migration Journey with Confidence: Choose DMAP:

Begin your migration adventure from Oracle to PostgreSQL with the help of Newt Global’s Database Migration Acceleration Platform (DMAP). Overcome the big challenges of data and schema differences with a tool that ensures a smooth switch and opens up all the benefits of using an open-source database. DMAP makes a complicated migration process easier to manage, letting your organization take full advantage of PostgreSQL’s strong features with confidence and accuracy.

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