DMAP: Streamlining Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration with Innovative Features


Databases are constantly changing, and sometimes businesses need to switch to a new system to keep up. Many companies are moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL because it’s cheaper, faster, and more flexible. But moving all your data from one system to another can be tricky and take a long time.

This guide explains how a tool called DMAP can simplify your move from Oracle to PostgreSQL. DMAP helps in several ways, including:

  • Making sure your data can be moved safely and completely.
  • Speeding up the move so your business isn’t interrupted for too long.
  • Keeping your information safe during the move.
  • Showing you the pros and cons of moving your data so you can make the best decision.

Challenges of Moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL

There are a few things to consider when moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL:

  • Making Sure Everything Fits: The data structures and rules in Oracle can be different from PostgreSQL. DMAP checks everything carefully to avoid any problems during the move.
  • How Long Does It Take?: The less time your business systems are down, the better. DMAP can move your data quickly with minimal disruption.
  • Keeping Your Data Safe: Security is essential! DMAP has features to make sure your information stays confidential during the entire process.
  • Is It Worth It?: Moving data can be expensive. DMAP helps you understand the costs and benefits so you can decide if switching to PostgreSQL is a smart choice for your business.

How DMAP Makes Moving Easier

Automating and Optimizing the Migration Process

DMAP has several features that make moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL smoother:

  • Automatic Checkup: DMAP scans your Oracle database and creates a report that shows everything that needs to be moved and any potential issues. This report helps you plan your move efficiently.
  • Moving Faster: Imagine having multiple moving trucks instead of just one. DMAP uses a similar idea to move your data much quicker, especially for large databases. This minimizes downtime for your business.
  • Extra Security (Optional): If your data is very sensitive, DMAP can connect with another tool called GenAI to add an extra layer of security during the move. GenAI can also provide additional insights to make your migration plan even better.
  • See Before You Go: DMAP doesn’t just move your data, it shows you how much it will cost. This way, you can see if the benefits of switching to PostgreSQL outweigh the expense.

Benefits of Using DMAP

Here’s what you get by using DMAP to move from Oracle to PostgreSQL:

  • Less Time and Effort: DMAP automates many tasks, freeing up your IT staff for other important jobs. The move will also be completed much faster.
  • Everything in Its Place: The detailed report and automatic checks ensure your data is moved accurately and completely.
  • Top-Notch Security: With the optional GenAI integration, you can be confident your data is safe during the move.
  • Make the Right Choice: The cost analysis provided by DMAP helps you decide if switching to PostgreSQL is the best decision for your business.


DMAP stands as a valuable tool for organizations considering migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Its innovative features automate complex tasks, shorten execution times, and provide crucial insights for informed decision-making. By addressing critical challenges and streamlining the migration process, DMAP empowers organizations to confidently embark on their journey to a more cost-effective, performant, and open-source database environment with PostgreSQL.

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