DevOps Implementation



Largest Telecom Provider.


  • Reduce the time to push changes to production.
  • Increase the lifecycle of automation scripts.
  • Ability to generate automation scripts faster.
  • Reduce test execution time of the automaton scripts.


Our Approach:

  • Implement Newt Automation framework that works on top of existing testing tools with minimal changes to provide enhanced services.
  • Automated Code/Function Coverage of unit tests.
  • Create Subsets of Production Data for tests.
  • Develop custom scripts and test data plans to address test data management.
  • Manage size and speed of deployment with subset filters accelerators.
  • Provision and maintain independent environments for projects.
  • Enforce Data sync and masking policies.
  • Enterprise Selenium Grid for parallel test execution.



  • Increased Automated Test Coverage from 0 to 75%. ¬†Improved.
  • delivery frequency from 4 weeks to 2 weeks. Faster Deployments.
  • Increased Automated Test Coverage from 0 to 75%.Improved from 10 hour per month to 1 hour per month.