Neeta Goel

President & CEO


Neeta Goel

Neeta has more than 25 years in the IT industry. Her IT experience spans Telecom, Entertainment, Technology, Education and other industries. She has led strategic initiatives in capability development including setting up an R&D center for IT application teams. She also developed new processes for technology identification and training to keep IT forces at the cutting edge of technology. As part of the global consulting team at NIIT, she was instrumental in setting up a delivery center in the Philippines.

Her technical savvy is impressive, but her passion is people. In work, she has collaborated cross-functionally and cross-culturally having worked on teams located in Japan, Singapore, India, America, and the UK. Neeta is well-known for her work in Verizon’s Information Technology Organization. She acted as lead architect on the end-to-end design for a broadband ordering application platform for Verizon’s FiOS initiative. She also managed programs for many product launches of pricing and ordering systems for enterprise and small business at Verizon.

Neeta holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from MREC, Jaipur (Now MNIT) and a Master’s in Business Administration from FMS, Delhi University, India where she was awarded a gold medal.

Her personal interests range from flying (she is a licensed pilot), and mountaineering (she has completed a Himalayan expedition), to photography and travel.