Accelerating Database Migration to Azure PaaS PostgreSQL: A Fortune 500 Insurance Company Success Story

Executive Summary:

This report details how a major insurance company (Fortune 500) successfully moved two important databases from Oracle to a cloud system called Azure PostgreSQL. They needed to do this quickly (within 3 months) to avoid paying more for their Oracle licenses.

The Challenge:

  • The databases were complex and crucial for the business, holding 3 terabytes (TB) of data.
  • Most of this data (70%) was a special type called BLOB storage.
  • The databases also contained special code (30,000 lines) written in a language called PLSQL to handle business rules.

To make this move smoothly and on time, the insurance company needed both automation tools and expert help.

The Solution:

A company named Newt Global helped with the migration. They used a special tool called DMAP to quickly assess the existing databases and plan the move. This tool also automated 82% of the process of converting the database structure (schema) to work with PostgreSQL.

Within 4 weeks, Newt Global’s team delivered a converted and tested version of the database schema along with the migrated data to the new system on Azure for quality assurance (QA) testing. They then assisted with user testing (UAT), planned the switch to the new system (cutover), and even provided on-site support in Singapore during the final launch.

The Results:

The migration was completed successfully, even though there were some delays in getting access to data and the overall project became bigger than originally planned (the new database size went from 700 GB to 3 TB). Here’s what they achieved:

  • Data migration during the switchover only took 2 hours thanks to DMAP’s ability to run tasks concurrently.
  • Validating the schema and data after the move also just took 2 hours.
  • Importantly, there were no problems found with the data or structure of the database after the switch.
  • The project was finished on time and officially closed, including a warranty period.
  • By moving away from Oracle, the company expects to save around $500,000 USD over 5 years, which is a 50% reduction in their current costs.


This report tells the story of how a big insurance company moved two really important databases to a new place called Azure PaaS PostgreSQL in just 3 months. They did this using a special tool called DMAP from Newt Global. This tool helped them change the structure of the databases automatically, and they got everything ready for testing in just 4 weeks. They finished the move on time and saved a lot of money by not renewing their licenses with Oracle. In fact, they cut their costs in half by switching away from Oracle.

Newt Global DMAP is a world-class product enabling mass migration of Oracle Db to cloud-native PostgreSQL Faster better and cheaper.

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