Develop an appropriate cloud strategy & implementing best practices to migrate the application workloads through a robust and ready to use DevOps framework.
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Newt Cloud Migration Services

Enterprises have started adopting Cloud technologies to stay nimble and responsive to dynamic changes in the marketplace. In the era of digital transformation, the cloud provides the foundation for innovation and evolution without comprising on agility. Enterprises are on a journey to adopt multiple ways to run applications from the public ranging from Cloud enabled to being Cloud native. Enterprises must embrace this technology disruption through a calibrated change management plan covering Business, IT and Operations. Migration strategies could vary for different verticals, enterprises, applications and business users driven by considerations like criticality, complexity, economics, confidentiality, performance, and regulations.

Being an accredited partner is one thing, but to be an accomplished player in the AWS eco-system breeds confidence. Enterprises trust the experience of a technology service provider like Newt for its capability, commitment, and expertise to entrust complex migration projects. The ability to combine the agility of DevOps and the domain knowledge has encouraged companies ranging from Airlines to Telecom space to work with Newt as a strategic cloud transformation partner.


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Cloud Migration Process

  • Assess the readiness of business and technology for Cloud adoption
  • Categorize systems that can be: forklifted, refactored and rewritten
  • Prioritize based on criticality, dependency and economic benefit
  • Implement a program of migration with attendant deliverables
  • Optimize the cost, governance and performance metrics

Cloud Application Migration & Provisioning Platform (CAMPP)

Enterprises are wary of large-scale migration of applications to the Cloud due to huge efforts, cycle time and potential gaps in governance. CAMPP saves millions of dollars by increasing the velocity of migration to cloud in terms of both elapsed time and effort through automation, while ensuring compliance and standardization. The CIO conundrum has always been, “how to ensure that there is a mature level of standardization, compliance and automation without increasing the costs?”

The simple answer is CAMPP, an acceleration platform that provides a self-service workflow and a factory model to provision Cloud resources and enforce IT governance policies with elegant automation for application migration to the cloud. CAMPP is extensible to monitoring of the Cloud environment for optimizing cost, managing performance and tracking user experience.

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The Approach to Cloud Migration

Cloud migration projects must be managed tightly and often in synch with business dynamics and hence Newt uses DevOps approach to accelerate modernization efforts. Wherever possible automation tools are used to improve reliability and speed. BAU support is weaved into migration programs with tools for monitoring, logging, and remediation.

Why Newt Global

Newt Global has executed many client projects with a structured approach to AWS migration that has given assurance of optimal performance. The process starts with a data-driven assessment phase covering application dependencies, infrastructure requirements, network architecture, DB access criteria and refactoring needs if any.

The AWS certified professionals at Newt have used different migration approaches after the assessment covering lift and shift, refactor and rewrite. DB migration is a key area of expertise and Newt has managed complex DB consolidation and migration to AWS at some of the Fortune 50 companies. Newt has an AWS competency lab to try out new services and their adaptation to clients’ requirements as well as create PoCs to validate a migration architecture.


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Faster time to market

Scale to a faster pace of data migration to the cloud

Cost effective during every stage of your cloud migration journey

Flexible migration options that are consistent across the path

AWS certified Professionals

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