Accelerate Your Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration with DMAP

Moving your database from Oracle to PostgreSQL is a smart move to make your operations smoother and save money. But switching can bring up a big challenge: making sure everything runs fast in the new setup. PostgreSQL works differently from Oracle, so it needs special attention to perform well. That’s where Newt Global’s Database Migration Acceleration Platform (DMAP) comes in.

How DMAP Helps with Performance

DMAP uses smart tools made just for PostgreSQL to make sure your database runs as fast as possible. It doesn’t just copy your data over—it fine-tunes things to work well with PostgreSQL right from the start.

Making Performance a Priority

DMAP is all about making sure your database runs fast, starting from when you decide to move. It doesn’t just move your data—it also:

  • Fixes SQL queries to work better with PostgreSQL, so you get quicker results.
  • Changes database structures to fit PostgreSQL better, which helps with storing and getting data.
  • Plans out the best way to put indexes on your data, which makes searching faster and cuts down on waiting.

By doing all this, DMAP makes sure your database doesn’t just work in its new home—it does even better than before. DMAP’s smart tools aren’t just for translating your old code—they’re for making sure everything runs smoothly in PostgreSQL right away. It looks at how your Oracle stuff works, like your SQL queries and how they run, and then makes adjustments so everything works well in PostgreSQL from day one.

Elevate Your Database Performance Today

Unlock the full potential of your Oracle to PostgreSQL migration with Newt Global’s DMAP. Embrace a seamless transition and unparalleled performance optimization tailored specifically to your needs. Discover how DMAP’s advanced algorithms can transform your database migration journey, ensuring efficiency, speed, and optimal performance from the get-go.

Newt Global DMAP is a world-class product enabling mass migration of Oracle DB to cloud-native PostgreSQL—faster, better, and cheaper. Ready to discover how Newt Global DMAP can revolutionize your database migration process? Explore further by visiting our website at Whether you have questions, need assistance, or want to discuss your specific migration needs, our team is here to help. Reach out to us at for inquiries, and let’s start optimizing your migration journey today.