Sybase to PostgreSQL Migration

Migration Offer Basis

  • Enterprises looking to migrate their workloads to the cloud are considering open-source managed PostgreSQL DB (Azure Single Server/Flexible Server/Hyperscale PostgreSQL). 
  • SAP has declared the End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM) for Sybase ASE 15.7.x by 12/31/2020
  • Upgrading to SAP ASE 16.x is an ultra-expensive option as SAP tech support is much more expensive than the Sybase equivalent. 
  • Customers are hence looking for alternatives such as cloud PaaS PostgreSQL.
  • By moving to cloud PaaS PostgreSQL such as Azure PostgreSQL, enterprises would additionally gain more flexibility and save millions of dollars in recurring database licensing costs.

Engagement Goal

Provide an initial offer for new customers for migrating 1 application and associated Sybase DB which is EoMM to Azure cloud leveraging a lift and shift pattern for the application and a Replatform from Sybase 15.7.x DB to Azure Managed PostgreSQL (Single Server/Hyperscale Server)

Sybase to PostgreSQL Conversion

  • Discover and extract user DB, Storage and Code Objects in Sybase
  • Gather the utilization, performance metrics and configuration parameters to plan the target infra.
  • Convert Sybase to PostgreSQL using custom Perl scripts (Since Sybase is ANSI compliant, a higher % of the code can be automatically converted using custom Perl script)
  • Manually remediate the code that is not converted using script.

Data Migration

  • Sybase supports exporting data into flat files (bcp)
  • Data migration that could not be automated (such as BLOB, images, special objects and complex SQL) will be migrated using inhouse custom scripts

App Remediation

  • Remediation is complex for applications using legacy code such as Sybperl.
  • Manual remediation of application code for embedded SQL
  • Integrate the application with DB and resolve dependencies


  • Identified DB schemas to be migrated to Azure managed PostgreSQL in a test/staging environment
  • Associated Application migration to Azure as Lift and Shift pattern in a test/staging environment
  • Test Data Migrated from on-premise Sybase to PostgreSQL

Scope & Assumptions

  • Note: All Deployments will be in one non prod Environment. Additional Environment will be charged separately
  • This is migration only offering and includes schema and data validation for test data. It only includes sanity on application functionality only
  • Application and DB will be delivered with test data in a Test/Staging environment
  • Detailed functional UAT testing of application is not in scope. Only happy path scenarios will be executed with the assistance of the customer application team
  • Migration is limited to PostgreSQL based Azure offerings
  • Recommendations and right sizing will be based on Newt Global’s proven approach to DB migration
  • Application modernization, DB dependencies and integrations outside of the DB (MQ etc.) are not in scope
  • Access to the application environment, code repository, database and infrastructure will be provided by customer & verified by Newt Global team prior to start of the engagement.