Migrate Oracle to PostgreSQL, Faster and Cost-Effectively with DMAP Tool

Are you looking to migrate your on-premises licensed RDBMS to the cloud seamlessly? Look no further than DMAP from Newt Global. With DMAP, you can accelerate the database schema conversion process through progressive automation, saving both time and money.

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Migrate Oracle to PostgreSQL 80% faster and at 50% less cost with DMAP

Transforming Oracle to cloud native PostgreSQL (along with associated applications with embedded Oracle PLSQL) is a huge market opportunity as more and more enterprises decide to hang their boots with Oracle

What is DMAP?

DMAP stands for Database Migration Acceleration Platform. It is a proprietary solution developed by Newt Global to streamline and expedite the process of migrating databases to cloud environments.

Key Features of DMAP

  • Progressive Automation: DMAP goes beyond standard conversion tools provided by public cloud platforms. It converts stored procedures, functions, SQL queries, business logic, and custom schema constructs.
  • Multiple Configuration Options: Configure complex stored procedures and functions according to your specific needs.
  • Full Compatibility: DMAP is fully compatible with the latest version of schema conversion tools and Oracle onwards.
  • Project Planning: Plan your database migration from on-premises to cloud effortlessly with DMAP. Benefit from end-to-end traceability of all migration steps.
Database Migration Service by Newt Global

Benefits of DMAP

DMAP offers numerous benefits, including reduced migration time and cost, minimized downtime, improved data quality, enhanced security, and scalability. It enables organizations to accelerate their cloud adoption journey while mitigating risks.

Think of DMAP as your AI-powered Database migration maestro:

  • Unveils everything: DMAP dives deep, pinpointing every Oracle component in your applications and interfaces, unlike other tools that rely on guesswork. This means accurate project estimates upfront, no surprises later.

  • Transforms seamlessly: DMAP handles the entire migration journey, from discovery and assessment to conversion, validation, and lifecycle tracking. You just relax and watch your applications soar.

  • Empowers your team: With precise project data, your team can confidently propose fixed-cost projects and win over clients with transparent, reliable quotes.

Say goodbye to manual rework and hello to:

  • Faster migrations: Get your applications cloud-ready in record time, thanks to DMAP’s automated magic.

  • Reduced costs: Accurate estimates from the start prevent nasty surprises down the road, keeping your budget happy.

  • More satisfied clients: Deliver projects on time and on budget, building trust and loyalty with every migration.

DMAP structure

Newt’s dmap: A DB migration tool,

Migration process

Ditch Oracle, Embrace the Cloud with DMAP: Your Effortless Database Migration Shortcut
Struggling with a bulky Oracle footprint holding your applications back? DMAP is your one-stop shop for a smooth, stress-free migration to cloud-native PostgreSQL.

Ready to ditch the Oracle burden and embrace the cloud with ease? Let DMAP be your guide, in the process of Oracle to cloud native PostgreSQL.

P.S. Don’t get bogged down in technical jargon. Remember, DMAP makes DB migrations simple, predictable, and profitable

DMAP @SCALE value at every stage of migration – Single Tool Solution for Database migration

DMAP beats all platforms by more than 50% in benchmarks and delivers minimum number of hours required for complete remediation and migration.

Supported Platforms/Databases

DMAP application supports a wide range of databases, including but not limited to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and more. It is designed to accommodate diverse database environments commonly found in enterprise IT landscapes.
DMAP tool seamlessly integrates with major cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others. It leverages cloud-native features to ensure compatibility and performance during migrations.

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DMAP Resources

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