Newt Database Migration Acceleration Platform  Free Trial

Cloud vendors offer solutions to migrate on-premises licensed RDBMS to the cloud. But enterprise users must convert database schema to the target database seamlessly, which can be expensive & time-consuming.

The DMAP platform from Newt Global addresses this issue. DMAP accelerates the database schema conversion process through progressive automation. Companies can cross the chasm with DMAP while migrating their RDBMS to PostgreSQL.

Beyond the standard conversion tools provided by public cloud platforms, DMAP converts stored procedures, functions, SQL queries, business logic, and custom schema constructs. This saves time and effort during database conversion.


  • There are multiple configuration options available for complex stored procedures/functions
  • Support for Named Block and Un-named (Anonymous) Block
  • Compatible with the latest version of schema conversion tools
  • DMAP Tool is fully compatible with Oracle 10g Onwards
  • Project plan for Database Migration from On-premises to Cloud with the breakdown of automation and manual


  • PostgreSQL can save enterprises millions in recurring licensing costs by being deployed
  • Database migration efforts can be reduced by 30% to 40%
  • Cloud-Native databases (PaaS) will make your database management more efficient
  • End to end traceability of all the Database migration steps
  • E2E Database Migration Steps using DMAP

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