ADM Services

Enterprises have adopted a wait and watch approach thus far, to the changing dynamics of application development. There is too much at stake to disturb the robustness and stability of applications that have become the backbone of businesses. This is more true of COTS (Commercial Off-shelf Third Part Systems) with huge customization over the years and hence the tag “legacy” systems. In today’s world of hyper-competition, agility and flexibility have become keys to the successful transformation of software-driven organizations.

Development environments, programming skills, software tools, and technology disruptions have impacted enterprises so much that they are shaken out of lethargy. Cloud is making a big impact on the way enterprises now think of building applications, hosting them on virtual machines, scaling as needed and shutting down data centers. The SDLC processes have become agile for quite some time, but the operations have become nimbler with the adoption of automation, continuous integration and deployment paradigm.

The performance of legacy applications in the Cloud environment is often sub-optimal due to inherent dependencies between logical components or modules and or data access methods. There is a need to refactor or rewrite applications to leverage the different Cloud services and newer development tools like MVC frameworks, Server-less architecture, etc., Front ends need to be more responsive to preserve user experience and back-end systems have to handle functionally independent services at scale (Micro-services).

Newt Global has built a COE for Application Development based out of its India campus, having worked with Fortune 100 clients on application development and modernization. Newt COE has a pool of top-notch software architects, developers with polyglot skills and professional certifications.  The team is led by capable and strong leaders to execute large client engagements for application modernization, refactoring/rewriting for the cloud platform of choice.

Newt COE for App Dev has developed and delivered 500+ unique enterprise applications based on Java, .NET, MEAN, LAMP and many other popular tech stacks in the industry for BFSI, Telco, Airlines and Retail sectors, where these applications are hosted in AWS, Azure and hybrid platforms, based on the client choice.