Operational Logs and Analytics (Operations at the Speed of Thought) by Elastic

Date : 25 April 2018

Operational Analytics and log consolidation and mining with lastic.co.
Elastic will present an operational analytics demo and review how the open source stack can help DevOps folks centralize logs, troubleshoot, and streamline IT and the business.


Geoff Bernard is a solution architect at Elastic. Based in Dallas, he supports efforts in Texas and nearby – usually centered around (but not limited to) (1) search use cases, (2) operational logs,and (3) and security analytics – all of which benefit by support from the Elastic Stack.
Program List:

  • 5pm-5.30pm: Networking
  • 5.30pm-6.30pm: Presentation and Q/A session
  • 6.30pm-6.45pm: Closure

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