Newt Oracle Migration Accelerator Program (OMAP)

OMAP Platform Overview

  • OMAP expands to Oracle Migration Accelerator Program. This is a database schema Code migration Tool. OMAP tool is mainly used for database code migration which supports for Oracle to Aurora PostgreSQL conversion.
  • All major public cloud vendors like AWS are offering solutions to migrate on-prem Oracle databases to their platform. But the end users may have to overcome a nagging process of converting database scheme to the target database.
  • Newt Global addresses this issue through its home-grown solution called OMAP. OMAP expands to Oracle Migration Accelerator Program. This is a database schema migration accelerator helping enterprises to cross the chasm during migrating their Oracle database to any target database service offered in AWS.
  • Using OMAP product we can convert the SQL and PLSQL scripts to Aurora PostgreSQL. OMAP will support Un-Named Blocks, Stand-alone SQLs, Named Blocks and Tool support the native PostgreSQL version.
  • OMAP converts the stored procedures, business logic, and other custom schema constructs and SQL queries which is otherwise not converted in standard conversion tools provided by public cloud platforms. This helps in saving time and effort needed to convert the database schema.
  • The main purpose of the OMAP, we can save the code conversation efforts using OMAP product. DB migration effort timings will be reduced by 30% to 40%. OMAP tool is based on Constructs, which are fully Compatible with Oracle to APG migration Playbook with respect to SQL/PLSQL code Conversion.
  • OMAP works on Windows platform with Java – JRE v1.8, Apache-Tomcat-v7.0.92, and Python.

Key Features

  • Available as AMI in AWS marketplace.
  • Support for Named Block, Un-named (Anonymous) Block and standalone block.
  • Compatible with the latest version of scheme conversion tools like AWS SCT 1.0.626 and
    APG Ver 10.4.
  • OMAP Tool is fully compatible with RDS based Oracle Ver 12.X and EC2 based
    Oracle Ver 12.X.
  • Constructs developed in-line with Oracle to Aurora PostgreSQL migration Playbook as per SQL/PLSQL guideline.

Business Impact

  • Significant reduction of database conversion time.
  • DB migration efforts reduced by 30% to 40%.
  • End to end traceability of all the DB conversion steps.

OMAP Product Structure