Newt Cloud Application Migration & Provisioning Platform (CAMPP)

CAMPP Platform Overview

  • Enterprises are wary of large-scale migration of applications to the Cloud due to huge efforts, cycle time and potential gaps in governance. CAMPP saves millions of dollars by increasing the velocity of migration to cloud in terms of both elapsed time and effort through automation, while ensuring compliance and standardization. The CIO conundrum has always been, “how to ensure that there is a mature level of standardization, compliance and automation without increasing the costs?”
  • The simple answer is CAMPP, an acceleration platform that provides a self-service workflow and a factory model to provision Cloud resources and enforce IT governance policies with elegant automation for application migration to the cloud. CAMPP is extensible to monitoring of the Cloud environment for optimizing cost, managing performance and tracking user experience.


Key Features

  • Infra Provisioning & automation
  • Infra Lifecycle management
  • Container Management
  • Network management
  • Storage provisioning and management
  • Landing Zone Creation
  • Cloud Security and Governance Enforcement
  • Multi Cloud Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • On-Premise to Cloud Migration
  • Key Encryption Management
  • Services Service Cataloging (across multi cloud, hybrid, on-prem and container environments)
  • AMI Rehydration
  • Integration with DevOps pipeline
  • Approval based Workflow
  • Role based Access Control (RBAC)
  • HA / DR service templates
  • Infra Provisioning Automation
  • Tag Management
  • Dashboard


  • Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)
  • Migration Readiness Planning (MRP)
  • CAMPP Core phase – Migration Acceleration
  • Multi-Speed IT Transformation

Business Impact

  • Significant reduction of infrastructure provisioning resources & elapsed time – (can be millions of $$ in accumulated savings for an Enterprise)
  • Reduction in migration disruption

CAMPP Product Structure